Condition assessment survey CT

Cooling Tower Assessments

The goal of a full Cooling Tower survey is determine actual performance of the Cooling Tower in view of possible improvements.
The improvements can be

  • Performance improvement
  • Noise reduction
  • Energy Savings
  • Bad actor assessments
  • Operation optimization

The survey can consist of the following

  • Fan performance measurements
  • Full mechanical inspections
  • Thermal analysis by using recognized thermal rating programs to simulate current performance versus should be performance
  • Vibration analysis

IR thermal scan of the entire ACC

Performance enhancements of Cooling Tower

ELFLOW BV is fully committed to maximizing plant profitability by reducing the total life cycle costs within a plant and increasing throughput. For this, there are a number of possibilities to improve cooling capacity of a cooling tower during hot summer days when the water outlet temperature is too high. ELFLOW BV is able to offer the full range of possibilities to improve the vacuum such as

  • Installation of High Efficiency fans to improve airflow rate
  • Installation of (Super) Low Noise fans to significantly reduce noise level
  • Optimization of current mechanical system (optimum fan setting and/or RPM)
  • Installation of new velocity recovery stacks for improved efficiency of fan system
  • Installation of Variable Speed Drives with process logitiscs to increase performance and realize kW savings . This can also be the case for improved winter operation
  • Re-design and install new finned tube bundles
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