ELFLOW BV has been created in 1998 and has served well over 200 customers over the world in the (Petro)chemical, Oil  (LNG, drilling platforms, etc.), refining and power industry.
We have a complete staff of dedicated field service engineers always ready to serve your interests.
Mobile service fleets along with the unrivaled expertise of our engineers & technicians enable ELFLOW BV to address virtually every service requirement for process air coolers (AFC’s), air cooled condensers (ACC’s) and cooling towers regardless of OEM make or type.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of AFC’s, ACC’s and Cooling Towers ranging from
  • Field measurements
  • Engineering studies using heat transfer software (HTRI & HTFS) through our partners

Repair and maintenance solutions ranging from

  • Mechanical upgrades
  • Cleaning systems & cleaning system service upgrade and/or automation
  • Online dry cleaning ELBLAST™ of finned tube bundles
  • COOLINGMIST™ systems also commonly named fogging, chilling or misting systems
  • Special ACC wind screen system solutions
  • Specially designed LNG SCREEN TECH™ wind screens for the LNG industry to prevent hot air recirculation on large Process Air Cooler trains
  • Filter systems (CLEANFIN™)  for external fouling of finned tube bundles
  • On-site management of maintenance activities

The business and operational challenges within a process plant are numerous. Plant operators face the pressures of increased productivity and profits which are seemingly at odds with the everyday realities of decreased operating budgets, rising energy costs and increasing operational costs. But ELFLOW BV can help relieve the stresses and reduce the life cycle costs associated with the most important aspects of air cooled heat exchangers operation. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality support, ELFLOW BV integrates extensive hands on experience, mechanical and materials engineering knowledge with creative operating and business solutions to:

  • Improve equipment reliability and performance
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Manage inventories
  • Increase AFC, ACC and/or Cooling Tower  availability and output
  • Develop and enhance workforce knowledge
  • Improve the safety and environmental impact of operations

We are specialized in any type of air cooled heat exchanger type such as

  • Process air coolers (AFC) commonly  named Airfin Coolers, Fin Fan Coolers, Lummus Air, Solo Air
  • Air Cooled Condensers (ACC)
  • Cooling Towers (counter flow & cross flow)

ELFLOW BV experts are trained to rigorously evaluate the total life cycle implications of every customer issue. First and foremost, each situation is assessed to quantify the current economic impact of the customer’s issue. From there, measurements are taken and data is analyzed to provide the foundation for improvement recommendations. And with a flexible, customizable commercial approach, ELFLOW BV contracts with customers to execute programs to successful conclusions.


ELFLOW BV have consistently delivered:

  • Attractive economic returns on investment that exceed customer requirements
  • Mean time between failure (MTBF) improvements of more than 50%
  • Inventory reductions of 20% and greater
  • 15% to 20% reductions in maintenance and equipment operation-related expenses
  • Energy reductions in refineries, power and process plants greater than 20%

Production throughput increases greater than 30% due to extra cooling/condensing capacity of air cooled heat exchangers

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